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Europe's best mattress brand now in Taiwan

Emma mattress is world renowned for its product quality.

Since the company's inception in 2015, Emma has annually won awards for the best mattress from several consumer organizations in Europe. Highlights include the prize as the best mattress in Germany (2019), England (2019 and 2018), Italy (2019 and 2018), France (2019, 2018 and 2017), Belgium (2018 and 2017), Portugal (2018) and Netherlands (2018).

Europe's most awarded mattress is now available in Taiwan

"Product of the Year 2018 - Emma Original Mattress!"

Élu Produit de l'Année, France, 2019

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Europe's most awarded mattress is now available in Taiwan

"This is as good as it gets!"

The Independent, United Kingdom, 2019

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Europe's most awarded mattress is now available in Taiwan

"Best ranked mattress during the tests - Emma Original Mattress!"

UFC-Que Choisir, France, 2017

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Europe's most awarded mattress is now available in Taiwan

"Emma, The Original mattress – best mattress for all-around comfort "

Ideal Home, 2019

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Europe's most awarded mattress is now available in Taiwan

"The bed-in-a-box foam Emma mattress was rated best mattress by consumer organizations in six countries."

Forbes, 2018

Emma mattress UK wins Ideal Home award 2019

Mattress Testing Process

Independent testing agencies tend to rely on a mix of test machines and test people to produce fair and unbiased mattress reviews. Though each of these facilities have their own way to put the mattresses through the ringer, there are some similar tests that each facility uses. This allows them to produce reviews that focus on things customers really care about.


In order to wake up feeling rested and pain-free, your mattress needs to be both supportive and pressure relieving. Many testing facilities use a test person and a test machine to measure how far the body sinks into the surface of the mattress and how well the spine is aligned. A good mattress needs to keep the spine parallel to the mattress and shouldn’t sink in too far. To test how well the mattress isolates motion a large, stamp-like device applies pressure to one area of the mattress. If the mattress only compresses where the pressure was applied, then you won’t be disturbed by your partner tossing and turning.

Ease of Use

Though most mattresses nowadays don’t need to be flipped, turning it once every three months helps keep the mattress in good condition and can increase its longevity. In the ease of use category, testing agencies assess whether a mattress has handles, how heavy it is and how easy it is to turn. The structure of the mattress is also considered: The mattress cannot be too soft, so that it bends when you pick it up, and it shouldn’t be too rigid that you cannot move it at all. Generally, if the mattress can be turned by one person it will receive a positive score in this category.


When you invest in a mattress, you want it to last as long as possible without the feel of it changing, it sagging or the supportive properties suffering. In order to test how durable a mattress is, a test machine is used: Heavy barrels are rolled across the mattress over and over again, simulating 10 years of use. Ideally, the firmness of the mattress should not have changed significantly, the mattress should not have sagged or became damaged during the testing process. Even after years of use, the mattress should feel the same as it did on the first day it was bought.

Other Awards

The Independent, 2019

“This is as good as it gets”

According to the Independent, the Emma mattress is perfect for all sleepers – there’s not a single body shape or type of sleeper who wouldn’t love the Emma Original! Calling it a great all-rounder, the review praised the top layer for providing excellent breathability and ensuring you stay cool at night. They also noted that the mattress felt instantly comfortable and was easier to turn on than other mattresses.

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T3, 2019

“Emma has managed to rise above the excellent competition in this are to be crowned best mattress”

According to T3, the Emma Original is the best mattress you can buy right now. Praised for being bouncy but buoyant, the mattress performed particularly well in all categories. They noted that side sleepers in particular would love the mattress, as it provides luxurious cushioning and kept the spine straight. They also highlighted the excellent motion isolation that will prevent you from feeling your partner moving on the mattress.

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Ideal Home, 2019

“Provided a super comfortable sleep on whatever our chosen night-time position”

An Ideal Home Best Buy, the Emma Original mattress stood out in particular for its ability to provide comfortable sleep whether that’s on your front, back or side. This independent magazine noted that our mattress is the best for all around comfort. They praised the exceptional durability and how easy it is to get on with the mattress. The handles were highlighted as an added bonus.

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Good Housekeeping, 2019

“Perfect for every sleep in every situation”

Good Housekeeping praised the Emma Original mattress for providing the perfect balance between comfort and support. They noted that the pressure reliving properties of the mattress led to them feeling supported and rejuvenated. The publication also praised the breathability of the mattress and the good motion isolation. Noting, that the mattress performed exceptionally well in every test and also led to their testers sleeping better.

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Real Homes, 2019

“Designed to suit all manner of body shapes, weights and sleeping positions, we can vouch it worked for us.”

Real Homes were equally impressed with the Emma Original. Our mattress performed exceptionally well in their motion isolation test and in their test to measure how supportive the mattress is. The online magazine also praised the Emma mattress for having excellent temperature-controlling properties and for aligning the spine. They even gave a special mention to the mattresses pressurereliving abilities – stating that it’s a safe bet for alleviating hip and shoulder pain.

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Top german quality!

It is not the cheapest mattress but when you will know why when you purchase it. The mattress quality is just amazing. Even the product related services, staff and delivery are all top notch! Would definitely recommend this to anyone who's looking for a top quality mattress!

Helps with my spinal injury

I had a spinal injury a few years ago that causes me to have constant back pain. My co-worker suggested to try Emma. I bought the Emma mattress after much research and I must say I am satisfiedd. I feel like I sleep healthier in my daily life. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

Fantastic 100 night trial offering

I was a little skeptical to purchase mattresss online. But after much research and given Emma's brand reputation and promises - the 100 night trial - I decided to give the mattress a go! The mattress is so comfortable that I don't want to return it. I have to say, I really love the concept of the trial, without it, I would have never purchased it and would never find a mattress so suitable for me!

Good service

The process of ordering to receiving the mattress was seamless. Delivery was quick! I think Emma really invest a lot in enhancing customer experience which explains the good services!

Great support

I never expect a memory foam mattress could be soft yet providing great support at the same time till I found Emma mattress. It has been helping me with my back pain that I am suffering from recently without needing me to sacrifice on the soft texture that I have always enjoyed.

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